Label warnings are part of a growing trend for supermarkets and grocery stores to communicate the amount of sugar, fat, and salt within the food products we buy. Whilst being honest, this can be viewed as counterintuitive deterring a potential consumer.

Mr.Mitchell’s 500 is a fictitious brand of milk. Each bottle of milk contains 500 milligrams which is the daily recommended allowance of calcium for 1-4 yr olds and two thirds of 4-8 yr olds.

By communicating the 500mg of Calcium within, we create a dialogue between the consumer and the brand. As the consumer is likely to be a mother, we begin to question her lifestyle choices, adhering to the responsibility of her child's health, providing an incentive for purchase.

The purchase of milk is one link within the product's chain. For successful consumption and repeat purachses, the product must appeal to children. The organic and playful form create a sense of personality within the packaging, engaging with young children throughout its use.